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Participation in JAMB CBT Practice is essential for candidates aspiring to enroll in higher education institutions.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is responsible for administering the entrance examinations for Nigerian tertiary institutions.

In an effort to enhance efficiency and expedite the results process, the examination has been conducted as a computer-based test (CBT) since 2015.

Candidates who have yet to register for JAMB are encouraged to do so using the link provided below:

The Necessity of JAMB CBT Practice

Since its establishment, the provision of past questions has allowed prospective students to prepare for the CBT examination under conditions that mirror the actual test environment.

This preparation involves utilizing computer devices to answer past questions within timed sessions and other parameters that are characteristic of the CBT format.

The value of this preparatory practice lies in acclimatizing students to the examination’s conditions and criteria, thereby enhancing their performance in the actual JAMB CBT examinations.

Softwares That Help You for JAMB CBT Practice 2024

There are certain software applications in mobile phones and PC formats that help you practice CBT past questions. Some of the best 8 include:

Passing CBT App

This application is ranked among the best for practicing past questions on JAMB CBT. It requires you to download the application from any app store compatible with your device. 

This application is free. Offline, the student has access to past questions for close to 19 years, together with correct answers, detailed explanations, and diagrams. However, to upgrade, the students have to turn on their data.

The success rate of the students who used Passing CBT app is relatively high, as a survey in the last quarter of 2018 showed that 70% of students that used the application passed.

Noteworthy is the fact that it also contains post-UTME CBT practice questions for 70 tertiary institutions.

Flashlearner CBT App

This is another excellent application that students can use for JAMB CBT practice, with a 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store and 50,000 downloads thus far.

It was created by Flashleaners, one of the best educational websites in Nigeria.

Some of the advantages of this application are that it has similar features to the JAMB software and allows you to practice 2, 3, or 4 subjects concurrently. Flashlearners CBT app has both paid and free versions. 

Myschool JAMB Mobile App

MySchool is one of Nigeria’s oldest educational websites, so it is no surprise that they have a feature for students engaged in JAMB CBT practice.

MySchool online platform gives you access to about 60,000 past questions for your use. A better experience awaits you when you download their application on your device. 

However, the application is not entirely free. It requires you to pay a small stipend, one so tiny that it MySchool JAMB mobile app has been classified as a free app.

Faceyourbook JAMB Mobile App

As suggested, this application will cause you to face your book as you prepare for JAMB. It is one of the best apps for JAMB CBT practice in 2024.

Some of the features of this app include unlimited access to login; a pool of questions from over 25 000 past questions, with a different set of multiple choice questions every login; a pause icon that enables you to stop and return to test subsequently.

FaceYourBook JAMB app simulates the same conditions as actual JAMB CBT examinations and provides corrections to questions you failed while practicing.

JAMB (SwiftSpeed-Edu)

This application is the property of SwiftSpeed and is in no way related to “the real JAMB.” It is available for free download for app stores. 

This application consists of features that are both robust and user-friendly. This helps students in their JAMB CBT practice as it familiarizes them with actual JAMB CBT conditions and tests them on topics in the JAMB syllabus.

It is free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and other app stores.

Msgist CBT App

This is one of the best JAMB CBT practice applications for PC, though a mobile version is also available.

It is owned by Myschoolgist, one of Nigeria’s best educational websites and has both free and premium versions.

Last year, it was recorded that about 30% of students used the Msgist CBT app to prepare for their UTME examinations.

The application provides past questions and detailed explanations and allows you to answer questions on any topic you choose.

The user has access to the premium version long after paying a stipend of #1,500. This version gives you a quality experience in your JAMB CBT practice.

Currentschoolnews JAMB Mobile App

If you are looking for a JAMB app to help you prepare vigorously for the forthcoming JAMB CBT examination, you can use Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app.

The features of this application are similar to those found in the previously mentioned apps. When writing this post, it is still unverified if the application is available for PC users. 

JAMB CBT Software by Awajis.com

This is one of the top-rated applications students can use in their JAMB CBT practice. The application can be used entirely offline and does not require users to make monthly subscriptions.

Previous users of this application have commented that it helps students prepare, so they do not score less than 250 in the actual examinations.

Some beautiful features of this application include an assortment of over 21,000 past JAMB questions, a summary of the Life Changer novel, and questions from this novel and other Literature texts.

It also has questions from topics in 25 subjects, an in-built calculator, and a bookmark option.

The application can be downloaded in both mobile and PC versions.

Websites For JAMB CBT Practice 2024

Here is a list of some websites where students can practice CBT questions in preparation for their forthcoming JAMB in 2024:

  • Awajis.com
  • NigerianScholar.com
  • Pass.ng
  • TryJAMBCBT.com
  • Myschool.com
  • Jilearners.com


Suppose you are a student preparing to enter a tertiary institution. In that case, you need this article on JAMB CBT practice 2024 because to chill with the big boys in higher institutions, you must first pass your UTME examinations. 

Using the applications mentioned above and websites, you are assured of getting a very high score in your UTME examination.

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