NECO GCE Registration 2024 | Instruction and Guidelines

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neco gce registration

This post will be based on all you need to know for a successful NECO GCE registration.

The National Examination Council (NECO) has stated the start of sales of application forms for external candidates for the 2024 SSCE.

NECO GCE | General Information

  • There is no refund after payment of the NECO GCE registration fee.
  • Kindly follow the information on the scratch card carefully before the NECO GCE registration.
  • The examination council recommends using reputable cybercafes. Hence, the Council will not be held accountable for any errors the candidates make during registration.
  • Carefully study the syllabus and regulations before NECO GCE registration.
  • Pictures uploaded during registration will not be incised in the certificate.
  • Smoking and using electronic communication devices are strongly prohibited from exam halls.
  • Candidates should wear mufti; no weapon is allowed in the examination hall.
  • Candidates who register multiple times will have their results canceled.
  • If you lose or damage your scratch card, you will have to buy a new one; also,10 note that you will not be allowed into the exam hall once the exam begins.
  • Wearing of face mask is a must, and any candidate exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed into the exam hall.
  • Candidates are advised to come with their hand sanitizer. Social distancing will be strongly adhered to.

NECO GCE Exam Centres

The Council has taken the liberty of dividing the exam centers into Districts. You are advised to select a center close by where you will sit for the examination. After registration, you will be assigned a center close to your area.

NECO GCE Available Subjects

The following are the twenty-nine subjects available in SSCE:

Note: Nigerian Languages Constitute literature

How to Apply for NECO GCE Registration Form

Below is a detailed step to help candidates complete their registration error-free.

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Registration Period

NECO GCE registration begins on 17th August 2024 and ends on14th November 2024

Application Fee

Registration fee for NECO GCE 2024 is Seventeen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira only.

Stamp Duty: Fifty Naira only.

All payments must be made to TSA (NECO Treasury Single Account)

Visually Challenged Candidates

Candidates with problems with eyesight are to register as others, but they must indicate their disability while filling out their forms.

Late Registration

An additional fee of one thousand Naira is attracted for late payment.

Mode of Payment

Visit the NECO GCE registration official website at a cyber cafe and create an account using your email address or phone number. There are five ways to fund the NECOSA and activate the accounts.

  • Internet banking
  • ATM card
  • USSD
  • Bank branch
  • eWallet

Candidates are reminded that all NECO transactions no longer use scratch cards.

Application for NECO GCE Registration

To find the closest registration location (Cybercafe), candidates should use the NECO SSCE External link and register anytime during the allotted registration period.

To register, candidates can also set up an account, buy a registration token, and then go to the registration point.

It would be best if you knew the following;

  • A passport (Not more than six months old) with a black and white background will be needed.
  • Each candidate’s biometric fingerprints will be taken throughout the offline registration process.
  • At the time of verification, candidates with mismatched fingerprints are deemed impersonators and would be sanctioned by existing laws.

Application Procedure

Create an Account

Create an account here. Follow the instructions.

Activate your Account

Adhere to the instruction sent to your email and activate the account. Sometimes the email might appear in the spam folder.

Log in

Visit the website and log in using your registered email and password.

Make Payment

Make the SSCE external examination payments. Once you’ve made a successful payment, you’ll receive an exam or four-figure table token.

Locate a Registration Point

Visit any approved NECO GCE registration point to complete the registration process.

Register Offline

Register by submitting your details, such as fingerprints, photographs, and the subjects you wish to take

Print a Photocard

To upload your data, enter your token. After the system has verified your token, you will be given a photo card with your registration number and information.

NECO GCE Attestation Photocards and Timetable

After completing the registration, each candidate must acquire the following from the Cyber Cafe.

  • Exam Timetable
  • At least one clear copy of the NECO photocard.

Any of the following individuals should SIGN AND STAMP the Referee’s Attestation area of the Photocard:

  • The Principal of a recognized Senior Secondary School
  • An Ordained Clergyman or a Chief Imam.
  • A Commissioned Officer of the Nigerian Armed Forces or the Police not below the rank of Captain
  • A Senior Civil Servant not below GL. 14.
  • A Legal Practitioner with at least ten years of experience.

NOTE: The attestation photo cards of candidates are no longer required to be sent to the NECO state office for stamping.


Before applicants sit for the exam in their final year of secondary school, NECO GCE registration must be completed.

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