How to Delete Bookmarks on MacBook Air

How to Delete Bookmarks on MacBook Air

It’s natural to bookmark a few too many websites while surfing the internet for our convenience.

It is also necessary to remove those we no longer require regularly. So, how exactly do you delete a bookmark on your MacBook Air?

Have no worries, as in this article, we will be looking at everything you need to know about how to delete bookmarks on MacBook Air.

How to Delete Bookmarks on MacBook Air

How to Delete Bookmarks on Safari

Here’s how to remove a bookmark from Safari.

  • Click on the Safari icon to open it.
  • Click the Sidebar button in the upper left corner of the screen. The sidebar gives you quick access to the items you use the most.
  • The Sidebar offers three options: Shared with you, Bookmarks, and Reading List.
  • Make sure you click the Bookmarks button. This displays a list of all the bookmarks you have previously saved.
  • Select the bookmark you want to delete by Control Clicking on it.
  • Select Delete. You’ve now successfully deleted a bookmark. Safari bookmark removal

Delete Bookmarks on Safari in a Different Way

  • Start Safari on your Mac.
  • You will notice a row of bookmark shortcuts placed under Favorites on the screen.
  • Control Click on the bookmark you want to delete.
  • Select Delete.

How to Delete Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

Here’s how to remove bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click on the Firefox Browser icon to open it.
  • Click the Application Menu button on the far right side of the browser window.
  • When the slide appears, select the Bookmarks option. Firefox has a bookmark option.
  • Choose the bookmark that you want to remove.
  • Control Select the bookmark by clicking on it.
  • Choose the Delete option. You have successfully removed your undesirable bookmark. You can also remove as many as you want.

How to Delete Google Chrome Bookmarks

Here’s how to remove bookmarks from Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • To the far right of the top menu, select the triple dotted line option.
  • Google Chrome’s triple dot
  • When the slide appears, select the Bookmarks option.
  • Select the Bookmark Manager option. Manager of bookmarks
  • Control Delete the bookmark by clicking on it.
  • Select Delete.
  • Click remove bookmark
  • To delete multiple bookmarks at once in Chrome, hold down the Command key while selecting the bookmarks to be deleted. Continue to Control Select Delete by clicking.

How to View Bookmarks on a MacBook Air Using Shortcut Keys

You can also quickly access Bookmarks by pressing keystrokes on your keyboard. Here are some Macbook shortcut keys for viewing bookmarks in various browsers.

Ctrl+ Command+ 1 in Safari
Ctrl+ Shift+ B in Mozilla Firefox
Command+ Shift+ B in Google Chrome
Edge by Microsoft
Shift+ Ctrl+ O

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Organize Bookmarks on Your MacBook Air?

If you have many bookmarks, you can organize them into different folders to make them easier to find.

Organizing your bookmarks saves you the time and effort of searching through a long list for them.

You can separate your Work Bookmarks, Leisure Bookmarks, Inspirations, and so much more with a few simple steps;

Navigate to Safari, click the Sidebar icon, and press Bookmark when the slide appears.
Control is listed under Favorites. Select New Folder by clicking on the available space. You can also control-click directly beneath any saved bookmark.
You can drag your previous bookmarks into the new folder after renaming them with your personalized title. Simply drag and drop a bookmark into your new folder.
You can now organize your bookmarks into specific folders.

How Much Room Do Bookmarks Occupy?

Bookmarks take up very little space on your Macbook. They typically only save the website URL and not the contents.

Given that the browser may slow down slightly, bookmarking as many websites as possible isn’t a problem.

Bookmarks themselves only take up the space on your Macbook that the URL takes up.

If your URL is 35 characters long, you’ll need 35 bytes to store it. Similarly, if it is 80 characters long, it will consume 80 bytes of storage space on your MacBook.

Some bookmarks may allow you to save additional information, such as titles, descriptions, keywords, or even screenshots.
This, however, does not take up much space.

Does the Page Remain the Same After I Bookmark It and Return to It?

This is impossible because a bookmark only saves the location of a webpage and not its contents. The page’s contents may have changed by the time you return.

How Many Bookmarks Am I Allowed to Keep?

Keeping a bookmark has no restrictions. You can also bookmark thousands of web pages if you want.

What Should I Do If I Forget to Bookmark a Website?

Simply navigate to your Browser History and reload the page to bookmark it immediately.

How to Save Bookmarks on MacBook Air

Select Add Bookmark from the Share menu.
Open the Bookmarks menu and select Add Bookmark.
Hover your cursor over the Smart Search field in Safari (where the URL is) until the Plus (+) button appears, then move your cursor to that plus button and tap and hold. You will then be able to select a Bookmarks folder to save the URL to.
If you’ve discovered that you can customize those tools by pressing Control while clicking on the bar and selecting Customize Toolbar, use the Add Bookmark menu in your Safari toolbar.
On iOS, simply tap the Share icon and select Add Bookmark.


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