List of Universities in Ebonyi State (2024)

Ever wondered about the universities at Ebonyi State? We will show you the list of universities in Ebonyi State, including their location.

Universities in Ebonyi State

If you reside in this state and you are looking for schools in the state to attend, then this post is for you. Ensure you relax and carefully check them to pick your choice.

This article contains the list of universities in Ebonyi State in Nigeria.

List of Federal Universities in Ebonyi

Alex Ekwueme University, Ndufu-Alike


Alex Ekwueme University Ndufu-Alike (FUNAI) was founded in 2011. The University is located in Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

The University is an internationally recognized institution officially recognized and accredited by NUC, the National Universities Commission of Nigeria.

FUNAI’s Mission is “To train top quality human resources that will propel the country’s development by equipping the graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills required in the marketplace in a globalized world.”

For more information about FUNAI not mentioned here, visit the school’s official website.

List of State Universities in Ebonyi

Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki


Ebonyi State University (EBSU) was established in 2000 in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Many of its facilities were developed in response to a Guinea worm pandemic.

The Abakaliki Specialist Hospital was established for this purpose and was later remodeled to be Ebonyi State University’s primary teaching hospital.

EBSU offers courses and programs leading to official higher education degrees like pre-bachelor degrees (i.e., diplomas, certificates, foundation or associates), master’s degrees, bachelor’s, and doctorate degrees in different areas of study.

The current vice chancellor of the university is Professor Chigozie N Ogbu

Visit School Website for more information.

David Nweze Umahi University of Medical Sciences, Uburu


DNUUMS is recognized as the 50th Federal University and 219th University in the Nigerian University System (NUS). The school was named after the Governor of Ebonyi State.

The university’s goal is to develop critical competencies and expertise in the field of health sciences in the most conducive learning environment with the highest professionalism, ethics, and excellence.

The university will continue its vision to achieve the highest quality workforce development for healthcare and other service delivery for everyone, irrespective of gender, race, religion, and socio-economic status.

Visit School Website for more information.

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List of Private Universities in Ebonyi

Evangel University, Akaeze


Evangel University was established in 2012. It is currently located at Okpoto in Ebonyi State.

The Assemblies of God Church founded it.

Evangel University offers various degree programs that cut across different fields, including; medical sciences, management, business, social science, and arts.

Evangel University school fees vary depending on your course and level of study.

Visit the school’s website to learn more about the school.


You can now pick any school of your choice now that you know the list of universities in Ebonyi State and apply.

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