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jamb syllabus for computer studies

The latest JAMB syllabus for Computer Studies 2024/2025 is now online. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) released this syllabus to assist students in getting ready for their upcoming Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Objectives of JAMB Syllabus for Computer Studies

The JAMB syllabus for Computer Studies 2024/2025 is designed to help the candidates get ready for the Board’s examination and to assess their comprehension, knowledge, and skills in the following aspects of the subject:

  • History and development of computing systems
  • Fundamental concepts and operations of computers
  • Problem-solving skills, data processing, and practical skills in computing
  • Types and functions of system software and application software
  • Components and functions of basic computer hardware – input, output, memory, and central processing unit
  • Use and benefits of online resources and skills
  • Ethical and social issues in computing
  • Career opportunities in computing

Topics Under JAMB Computer Studies Syllabus

The topics in the JAMB syllabus for Computer studies are divided into nine sections.

Evolution of Computing

With the Evolution of Computing, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

History Of Computing

  • Pre-Computing Age: 19th-century (Features and components of early computing devices)
  • Computing Devices (20th Century)
  • The History of The Various Devices

Classification Of Computing Devices

  • Classification according to Generation
  • Classification according to Size
  • Classification according to Purpose
  • Classification according to Type

Fundamentals of Computing

With the Fundamentals of Computing, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Overview of Computing Systems

  • Constituents of a Computer: Software and Hardware
  • Characteristics of Computer Devices
  • Type, Examples, and Uses of Computer Hardware Devices
  • Logic Circuits 
  • Types, Examples, and Uses of Software 

Data and Information

  • Differences between Data and  Information 
  • Data Representation. 
  • Methods of Digitization 

Computer Application Packages

With the Computer Application Packages, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Word Processing Package

  • General Concept
  • Creating and Saving Documents
  • Editing, Formatting, and Insertion 
  • Printing
  • MS Word (Features, How to Launch MS Word, MS Word Basic Operations, and other Operations)

Spreadsheet Package

  • General Concept
  • Creating and Saving Documents 
  • Editing, Formatting, and Insertion
  • Printing
  • MS Excel (Features, How to Launch MS Excel, MS Excel Basic operations, and other Operations)

Database Package

  • Definition of Database and Common Examples of Database Packages
  • Database Organizations
  • Different Features of Database Format 
  • Basic Operations of Database using MS Access
  • Create a Database using MS Access 
  • Operations to carry out an existing Database using MS Access. 

Graphic Package

  • Definitions and Examples of Graphic Packages
  • Features of CorelDraw
  • Simple Designs using CorelDraw 

Presentation Package

  • Definition of Presentation package and examples of Presentation packages 
  • PowerPoint (Features, Activation of an existing PowerPoint Presentation, PowerPoint Operations) 

Web Design Package 

  • Definition and Examples of Web Design Packages 
  • Uses of Web Design Packages 
  • Elements of Web Design using Dreamview

Managing Computer Files

With the Managing of Computing, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Concept of Computer Files

  • Definitions of Basic terms
  • File Organisation Systems
  • Methods of Accessing Files
  • Classification of Files
  • Criteria used in Classifying Files 

Handling Computer Files

  • Basic Operations of Handling Files
  • Data Loss
  • Security of Computer Files
  • Computer versus Manual files

Computer Maintenance and Safety Measures

With the Computer Maintenance and Safety Measures, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Booting and Shutting Down Process

  • Definition of Computer booting
  • Types of Computing Booting processes: Cold and Warm booting processes.
  • Differences between Warm and Cold booting processes
  • Guidelines on booting and shutting down Computer systems

Computer Maintenance

  • General procedures for cleaning a computer system
  • How to charge and replace batteries for portable systems and UPS
  • How to Clean Drive Lens
  • Simple Maintenance of Hardware and Software system
  • How to Retrieve data from a crashed System 

Computer Room Management

  • Definition of a Proper Sitting Arrangement
  • How to correctly position monitors, keyboards, CPUs, and other peripheral devices
  • Proper illumination of a computer room
  • How to maintain a dust-free environment in the computer room.
  • Rules and Regulations in a Computer Laboratory

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

With the Information and Communication Technology, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Communication Systems

  • Definition and Meaning of the Acromyn ICT
  • Types and Examples of ICT 

Application areas of ICT

  • Areas where ICT is applied
  • ICT-based Devices 


  • Definition of terms 
  • Internet Browser Applications
  • Features of Internet Browser Applications
  • Internet Services 

Electronic Mail

  • Definition
  • Service providers of Electronic mail 
  • Steps to create and open a mail (how to chat) 
  • Features of an email address 


  • Meaning of Networking
  • Types of Networking
  • Topologies of Computer Networks
  • Devices used In Computer Networks

World Wide Web (WWW) 

  • Definition and Meaning of the Acronym WWW
  • History of WWW
  • Basic terminologies
  • Protocol
  • Advantages and Disadvantages 
  • How to Navigation through Websites 
  • Software used in Web Development 
  • Differences between an email and a website 

Cables and Connectors

  • Network cables and connectors
  • Computer cables and connectors

Developing Problem-Solving Skills

With DevelopIng Problem-Solving Skills, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Programming Language (PL) 

  • Definition of PL
  • Classification of Programming Languages 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different types of PL 

High-Level Languages (HLL) 

  • Classifications of High-Level Languages 
  • Characteristics of HLL
  • Translators (Definition, Classifications, and Uses of Translators)

Algorithm and Flowcharts 

  • Definitions
  • Functions of Algorithm and Flowcharts
  • Properties of Algorithm
  • Symbols used in Flowcharts

Programming Language Structure 

  • Basic Statements Used in Programming Language structure
  • Arithmetic/string operators
  • Subunits
  • Primitive and non-primitive data 

Program Development

  • Definition
  • Characteristics of programs 
  • Precautions
  • Guidelines for developing a computer program 

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  1. Definition of System Development Life Cycle
  2. Various stages of SDLC 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Definition of Artificial Intelligence 
  • Branches of AI 
  • Applications of AI

Fundamentals of Robotics

  • Definition of Robotics
  • Main Components of Robotics
  • Types of Robots
  • Application Areas of Robotics
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

Computer Ethics and Human Issues

With Computer Ethics and Human Issues, the JAMB syllabus covers the following topics:

Computer Ethics and Human Issues 

  • Ethical issues 
  • Computer Security 
  • Cyber risks and protection
  • Computer-related crime
  • Responsibility for computer failure
  • Protection of computer property, records, and software
  • Privacy of the company, workers, and customers

PDF Download of JAMB Syllabus for Computer Studies 2024/2025

You can now download the JAMB Computer Studies syllabus as you prepare for your exams.


The JAMB syllabus for Computer Studies 2024/2025 helps you concentrate on the topics to study as you prepare for the upcoming JAMB exams.

You can be confident that 99% of the questions asked during the exams will come from the syllabus.

Make sure you download the syllabus pdf file. Also, share this post with your friends to help them excel in their exams.

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